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Shamanic Healing (Soul retrieval & Extraction)


In short, I work with benevolent energies (spirit) to bring about healing on all levels of body, mind and soul to my clients.


-What is Shamanic Healing and how do I know I need it?

Shamanic healing is usually made up of both soul retrieval is a method of healing for those of us who feel they may have lost some of their power & vitality at any point in their lives.  Shamanic healing can help with physical, mental or emotional pain, connect you with your true self, help you find your purpose, connect you to the earth, the spiritual world and help you walk the true path of life on this beautiful planet. The idea of Soul Retrieval work is to restore power to you. The soul is an intricate 'essence' which exists within us across many times and places. Shamanic work can help us to understand these essences within to figure out the answers we need for this life time and perhaps even the next.


-How does it work?

Once you have read through, signed the consent form and we have agreed to continue, we would arrange a time convenient for you to either visit me at my home for the healing, or to have a remote healing, where I'd ask you to sit and relax somewhere you can be alone for a few hours, during which time, I will work with my guides to bring you healing. The healing usually takes between 1 to 1 1/2  hours. I can do this work remotely or in person.

Afterwards, there will also be an integration period where I would feedback to you what happened during the healing work. The integration can be done via email but I have found skype/ whats app video call to be more personal. I will usually feedback to you the day after the healing and then check in on you a week later to see how you are during  your integration period. I will be available day and night for that week to answer any questions. It is entirely up to you if you wish to disclose why you feel you might need a healing.


When we suffer physical trauma, there may also be some extraction work that needs to take place. This type of healing can restore power and also remove energy blockages. We call this extraction work.


In line with Dana economy the healing will be offered to you for approx; 2 hours and I will prepare for the work before and after which can take between 1-3 hours. (You will be paying for approx; 5 hours of my time). The basic principle of Dana economy is , "give what you can , take what you need". If you can offer more, please do, so that others may offer less if needed.

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