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THIS is the question I imagine holds many of us back every single day. It is the question I use to ask myself A LOT! My partner asked me one day , why my response to so many things were just a 'No', I realized there was some work to be done. This is an ongoing process and one that terrifies me and I am making moves towards not being so bothered about such questions any more. One piece of advise I can give is to start 'listening' to yourself (and caring partners, friends and family) . I consider myself a reasonably centered and positive individual, so to learn my go to answer to a lot of things was 'no' really did take me aback.

'No' is what I am use to . It is safe. I understand the expectations, frameworks and limitations of 'no'. I did not understand these characteristics within the context of 'yes'. I found myself saying these words out loud this week during my very first coaching session with my amazing friend @daemoncareercoach

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