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Moon Phase Rattle (Medium)

Moon Phase Rattle (Medium)


"Sound and matter are the mother and father of Ogham." This rattle is a perfect tool for calling in and asking the intention to take form. This piece is ideal for ritual, cleansing space , calling in the ancestors or as a tool for sound and healing work. 

When you journey with this sacred rattle you are one with the birch Goddess 'beith', you are safe in her hands & she will hear your intent & greatest wishes. 

All wood is hand sourced locally when out walking with my dogs. I used silver leaf bio degradable paper, in the Japanese Kintsugi style, bringing the alchemy of sound healing into ones energetic aura through the rattle when journeying. 

All rattles made lovingly at home under ceremonious conditions. No trees were harmed. Vegan friendly.

  • All hand made items please handle with care

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