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Ogham Art Print :  E - Edad - Aspen (A4 size)

Ogham Art Print : E - Edad - Aspen (A4 size)

'Glaisium cnis, most silvery of the skin, that is the birch of the Ogham from birch of the forest, for hence birch, b, was put for it. '
-The Ogham Tract from the Auraicept na N-Éces.
Edad is the Irish word for Aspen. This print is made especially for all those with the letter E at the beginning of their name. Edad is the 'fid' that reminds us of vision seeking, healing wells, drumming. The Aspen is brother of birch, and so, as we started out on the journey as an apprentice with Birch or Beith in Irish, Edad is the one who has mastered their material world and is now seeking out wisdom in the other. Careful consideration should be made between illusion and reality. The late great Irish healer, Biddy Earlie's blue bottle rests here, as does a holy well, a bodhrán for drumming, stones and ogham for divination. The Feige Finn or Fionns Window can also be seen mirrored in the sunset and among the trees.
I am a native Irish practitioner of Ogham and Journeying. The 'Art of Ogham' Prints (set of 20) is my own personal Journey into the Ogham which has brought me closer to my ancestral past. Through these Ogham Portals, I seek answers from my guiding spirits, nature beings ,ancestors and spirits of the land to bring about healing for my clients. I welcome you to use these portals for journey work & divination to bring you personal guidance and healing from the spirit of the Ogham and Ogma himself.
The Imbas which helped create these Art of Ogham Prints, came to me through a synthesis of learning and journeying. The 'Auraicept na n-Éces' or Scholars Primer, is an ancient manuscript written somewhere between 700 CE and the 12th Century. It was studied by the ancient Irish druids and Irish grammarians.
“Imbas” is a gift or technique central to the poets of ancient Ireland. It's literal meaning is “imb-fhes”, great knowledge. It is perhaps best understood as inspiration.
I welcome you on this journey and ask you to embark on your own journey with the Ogham.
This listing is for an A4 sized print if you wish to inquire about A3 prints please follow the link
Go Raibh Maith Agat
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