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Ogham Set

Ogham Set


Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet. Each letter represented by a mark along one central line. Dating back to the 4th century, it is the earliest form of writing to be found in Ireland.
"Sound and matter are the mother and father of Ogham."

This set comes in a canvas bag big enough for you to fit your own divination spread such as Fionn's Window.
The Feige Find, or Fionn’s Window, contains the five groups of five letters of the Ogham, in five circles. The arrangement of the Ogham alphabet in this manner is probably meant to invoke the image of a circular Iron Age house. You can use the Ogham in ritual or divination practice or to call in the Spirit of the Fid, Feda or Spirit of Ogham.

All wood is hand sourced locally when out walking with my dogs. I try to use storm fallen wood where possible. When I am in Ireland I will source Rowan and Ash. When in UK I source mostly Oak and Ash.

All Feda are carved under ritualistic settings, calling in the ancestors and the Spirit of Ogham.


An article about the origin story of the Ogham

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