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“Niamh supported me in my very first Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction. It’s something I’d always been curious but knew very little about. The journey was beautiful with clear synchronicities that arose and many symbols and messages tied in with my celtic origins that made sense in terms of what I’ve been experiencing in the last few years. Gradually, over the course of the following months, I began to heal and move on from a bereavement which was very traumatic. It was subtle but noticeable and our work together played an important factor in my healing process.”



Compassionate Depossession is a humane Spirit Detaching session that benefits both the living person (host) and the attached suffering being (spirit) if that suffering being is reluctant to cross into the Light.


I was born the day my grandfather died. This experience has certainly engaged my interest in the living and the dead and the veil that exisits between these two worlds. 

During my recent training at the SACRED TRUST , we were taught the sacred art of  Compassionate Depossession. I have been aware that I have had spirit attachments since a young age. My training in the sacred arts of Shamanism have been useful to help me understand the living and the dead. Now, as a Shamanic Practitioner, I deal with death, dying and spirits daily. I feel privileged to have this up-close perspective. I no longer view dying or death as something to fear or dread, but as a natural process that will be experienced by each of us. How one experiences death is where I would like to begin, since not all deaths are peaceful. 

What Happens If Spirits Do Not Cross Over?

In most cases, when we die our soul crosses over however, sometimes there is an interruption in the ‘transition’ process. This interruption can be a sudden death, strong emotional ties to something or someone in the material world, or the person that has passed feeling that that they are unworthy to transition, wether that means going to heaven, or wherever their destination within their belief system might be. When these things happen, the person’s spirit can get stuck here, in ordinary reality, with us in the so called 'middle world' realm. This can sometimes cause conditions or a scenario in which the two realms come together – the dead and the living.

This merging of the two worlds, this and the other can be seen when we see, smell, hear or sense that an unseen presence is near us. Most people view this as a ghostly encounter.

What is Possession and How Do Possessions Happen?

Possession is basically like an incense stick smoking into a bottle, merging with it or sitting within it as a vessel.  When a spirit being enters and attaches to our energy field, there is no one reason for this type of energy field entanglement. The dynamics of being possessed are unique to every situation.

In some cases, the spirit is unaware that they have died! They are wandering around in the dark void and may even be confused and scared.  Sensing a human energy, they move closer and enter it because is feels familiar. To these suffering beings we are ‘shelter’ from the confusing void in which they were wandering.  There is no malice or intent of any kind, they are simply ducking for cover by instinct.

In other cases, the suffering being knows they have died but have, for whatever reason, – missed the shuttle bus to their destiny destination. Like in life, we all travel with our own baggage. Spirits are no exception to this reality, their ‘baggage’ can sometimes make them miss the shuttle for feelings that they:

  • died too soon

  • are not worthy to move on

  • are frightened that hell is their destiny

  • want to stay close to a loved one

  • want to stay close to a house or location they love

These suffering beings can consciously attach themselves to a living human’s energy field. They may feel attracted to a certain person’s energy, as this specific person reminds the being of their own past life. This is particularly true for beings who have suffered from addictions or had addictive behaviours in life. To continue experiencing the sensations of that addiction, they attach to a living person who have addictive habits or tendencies. The problem with this is the suffering being is experiencing these sensations second hand, so it is not as satisfying.  Seeking to attain that ‘high’, they can influence the host to indulge in these habits more intensely. An example of this would be a smoker, if a living person who smokes somehow entangles in their energy field with a that of a suffering being who was also a smoker in their lifetime, the living person could start smoking much more heavily than usual, without knowing why. These addictive behaviours can be dramatically exacerbated by a suffering being pushing its host to consume more in the pointless hope that they will feel the full effect of it.

How Can I Avoid Being Possessed by Suffering Beings?

Maintaining a healthy energy field is the best way to protect yourself from spiritual intrusions. Having a weakened spiritual immune system due to experiencing all different types of traumas can leave you vulnerable. Regularly connecting with your helping spirits, power animals and practicing good spiritual hygiene with things like shamanic healing and empowerments will increase your personal power which, in turn, strengthens your protection energy field.

How Do I Know If I Have A Spiritual Entanglement?

  • I just don’t feel like myself.

  • I don’t see myself when I look in the mirror.

  • What is wrong with me?

  • I have a recurring pain or strange sensation in a part of my body which my doctors can not diagnose or explain

These are common sentiments when clients contact me for help.  They are not sure what the issue actually is, but they sense that something, just isn’t right…

Attached suffering beings may live off a person’s energy and influence or impact them in a variety of ways: illness, pain, depression, substance abuse, phobias, emotional problems, suicidal tendencies and other issues may be in part due to the influence of overshadowing of a suffering being or beings for whom a person may unknowingly be a host.

These entanglements are surprisingly common. Most of us can be host to one or more of these suffering beings over time, or even at once. While that might be a shocking reality, it should not be considered a frightening one. Remember, they are there because something interrupted them ‘catching the shuttle’. There is a way to get those suffering being back on the shuttle, so they get where they need to go and your get to reclaim the full resources of your energy field.

How Do I Get Rid of a Spiritual Attachment?

The most comfortable and humane way to clear out any suffering being attachments is via a Compassionate Depossession. This a method of Shamanic healing that liberates 2 beings – the host (you) and the suffering being(s) who is existing within your energy field.

This process is a quiet and not frightening one. It is a lovely experience as you are able to help another being to continue their destiny journey in a positive and supportive manner. Clients are touched by the humanity and gratitude that is experienced throughout the process.

How Do I Arrange A Compassionate Depossession?

After reading this article if you feel that you need a Compassionate Depossession, you can go to the contact page on my website and book your session. These sessions will be done in person (London based) and you can choose to bring along an 'anchor' or friend should you wish but it is not completely necessary.

If you have other questions that were not answered within this article, please feel free to contact me via the contact form on my site. Since I am still studying under the SACRED TRUST, these sessions will be FREE for a short time only until further notice. 

Many thanks

Berkana Raido.



Are you dealing with some 'end of life' questions? 

Are you keen to see what 'lies beyond'? 

You will be held in a small ritual, and taken through a visualization Exercise where we Step into A Picture. This exercise can be a great way of deciphering your belief systems and core principals of what might lie beyond the realms of the veil. 

All you need for materials is a picture within a frame or border that has some energy for you. A landscape, a Surrealist canvas, a tarot card, a photo from your travels or even an artwork that you have a sense you can 'walk' into metaphorically speaking.

if you would prefer, I can journey to a portal for you and create one for you to walk into. 

After reading this article if you feel that you would like to 'Walk into a picture' with me- you can go to the contact page on my website and book your session. These sessions will be done in person (London based) or online.

If you have other questions that were not answered within this article, please feel free to contact me via the contact form on my site. Since I am still studying under the SACRED TRUST, these sessions will be FREE for a short time only until further notice. 

Many thanks

Berkana Raido.







"I consider Shamanic Journeying as an act of faith, illuminating inner wisdom and truths, and potentially altering consciousness. With this in mind it is essential that the phsycological implications of where this can take you are respected. Niamh had strong energetic boundaries, and was well grounded as a guide.  Although I felt ‘held’, she was not needy as a healer, Her focus was entirely on me, not what she could do for me, but what I could do for myself, empowering and then supporting an exploration of what came up in the journeying. I experienced sensitive counselling around trauma and subsequently some deep soul retrieval work. The work continues energetically, from this new and enlightened place. I have the confidence to journey alone now, but still feel supported, and am so grateful that Niamh was offering shamanic practice. 

"My first meeting with Niamh was full of shamanic questioning, and generous talking time.There was no sensed pressure on outcomes which I think helped my decision to surrender completely to the Shamanic experience . The essence of which has been both life changing and affirming for me. Through journeying I was able to gain access to, identify, and change an energetic pattern ;  one that was absolutely essential to access in order to release into healing and moving me on into my full authenticity. "

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