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The blessed Birch Tree, known as 'Beith' in the Irish language and 'Berkanan' in Proto-Germanic, has been a sacred presence throughout my childhood. She began speaking to me again around 2019 when I encountered her eternal hollowed bark in a local forest and thus 'Berkana Raido Rattles' was born.  'Raido' is the word for goddess and so the 'Birch Goddess' is whom I work with to call in the spirit of these scared vessels.

As an indigenous practitioner from Ireland , I will often invoke the spirit of the ancestors, or 'Sound' & 'Matter' using the Ogham tract or words of my native tongue to add power & meaning to the rattles. Often people will ask for the phases of the moon or 'Fionn's Window' - an ancient divination glyph from the Book of Ballymote.

Do you feel the call to work with the Birch Goddess? the spirit of the Ogham ? Do you feel it's time to call in the  ancestors with your own individual rattle voice? Or perhaps it's time you had your own Ogham set?

I am available for one-to-one consultations, workshops and commissions. Click below on the 'Contact Us' tab or use the chat function. 

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