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Image of a shamanic drum made of goat with a rattle and a swan feather


In shamanism we believe all illness is spiritually related in one way or another. It is also believed that everything is made of energy and therefore contains a spirit or soul. This essence makes us 'powerful' and 'power-filled'. When we start feeling ill, exhausted, stressed, depressed or burnt out, we have in essence, lost some of our power. It is the role of the Shaman to help us pull back this power that has left us for what ever reason and to restore us once again to our vital selves. 

What is Shamanic Healing and how do I know I need it?


Shamanic healing is for those of us who feel they may have lost some of their power & vitality at any point in their lives.  Shamanic healing can help with physical, mental or emotional pain, connect you with your true self, help you find your purpose, connect you to the earth, the spiritual world and help you walk the true path of life on this beautiful planet.

What are the causes of Dis-ease?

       There are 5 commonalities of disease which lead to the main malady of 'Power Loss'. 

1. Soul Loss

2. Disease object intrusion (we call this extraction work)

3. Involuntary spirit possession (we call this work compassionate de-possession)

4. Sorcery (We call this work Curse unravelling/ Negative thought forms etc:)

5. Taboo breaking (Within contemporary western perspective this may fall under the idea of knowing you have gone against your moral compass, perhaps you're feeling traumatised by an event such as a death or an abortion. )

All of these individually and sometimes often together can cause Power Loss. Typically this may manifest in a recurring illness, physical or mental symptom or chronic illness. 


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The intention of Soul Retrieval & Extraction work is to restore power to you. The soul is an intricate 'essence' which exists within us across time and space. Soul loss can occur at times of shock and trauma. Shamanic work can help us to understand these essences within to figure out the answers we need for this life time and perhaps even the next. Soul retrieval work allows the Shaman to go back to the place and the time the soul loss may have occurred and retrieve it. 

Soul Loss occurs during any form of trauma. It is a 'trauma response' and illustrates the soul's wish to stay alive and healthy. When a trauma occurs and we experience soul loss, it means our Soul essence wants to protect that part of us that leaves the body during such events. Soul loss can even occur in-vitro. 


What does soul loss feel like?

Soul loss can feel like a part of you is missing or has been taken away. It can feel like a physical ache or a void. Perhaps you have taken up an addictive behaviour to fill this hole or this gap inside. 

It is the role of the Shaman to delve into the other realms and go searching for soul essences that need to be returned. This may also be associated with 'Power animal ' retrieval. What the Shaman brings back is the 'pure essence' that you may have lost and with it, the gifts, strengths and talents the essence will bring back to you. 


-How does it work?

Once you have read through, signed the consent form and we have agreed to continue, we would arrange a time convenient for you to either visit me at my home for the healing, or to have a remote healing, where I'd ask you to sit and relax somewhere you can be alone for a few hours, during which time, I will work with my guides to bring you healing. The healing usually takes between 1 to 1 & 1/2  hours. I can do this work remotely or in person.

Afterwards, there will also be an integration period where I would feedback to you what happened during the healing work. The integration can be done via email but I have found telegram, zoom or whats app video call to be more personal. I will usually feedback to you the day after the healing and then check in on you a week later to see how you are during your integration period. I will be available day and night for that week to answer any questions. It is entirely up to you if you wish to disclose why you feel you might need a healing.



When we suffer physical trauma, experience negative thoughts or words- these are known as 'disease object intrusions' which can lead to and create maladies in the physical and energy bodies. 

Negative thought forms can take a long time to burrow into our physical and energy bodies. Negative thought forms come up all the time as we intercept the everyday. Confrontation, not expressing ourselves, letting emotions and feelings fester and sitting on our emotions can create rage, anger, sadness and grief. Cursing, swearing, sending bad karma or wishing someone ill- these all have power and so these can arrive in the body as intrusions. It is the Shaman's job to use spirit eyes to see these intrusions in the body and the field, remove them and safely restore power. 


If you have any questions please do get in touch using the buttons below or book a FREE 15 minute consultation. 

I am insured by Balens and you can request copies of the following:• A policy schedule for your Professional Liability & Malpractice Policy• A policy schedule for your Commercial Legal Protection Policy.


Compassionate is not a word we often associate with the idea of a possession. The word possession, "the act of possessing or holding as one's own : ownership"* is a word which conjures many images from modern day horror and popular culture. Compassionate Depossession is a body of work  pioneered by the shamanic teacher Betsy Bergstrom whos "Heart-centered compassionate depossession is a humane therapy that benefits both the client and the attached possessing being, even if that being or beings are reluctant to leave their host."**

There are three types of possession:

i Involuntary uncontrolled

ii Voluntary & uncontrolled

iii Voluntary & controlled

The type of spirit possession can be both human, transhuman, ex-human and non human: thought forms & obsessions, elemental beings, animal spirits, beings from other dimensions or systems, ‘dark’ forces or archetypes often perceived as ‘evil’.

I will work with a safe methodology to guarantee you are released of attachments and to assist you in regaining your own sovereignty.

From my own experience of ancestral possession, you can read here




A curse is a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something. It is classically described as any expressed intention or wish for adversity or misfortune to befall or attach to some other being, object or place. Curses may be intentional or unintentional and in some cases can continue to effectively operate over many generations within the same family. Cursing was part and parcel of life in the past and religious professionals were known and documented to have historically be employed to execute this work.

It is important to note that curses can include the following: self curses, family curses, generational, ancestral and lineage curses, object and place curses and corporate curses. The work I will do with my clients involves learning to establish safe protocols and align with power-filled, compassionate allies for protection and effectiveness in this potentially murky & sometimes dangerous work.  I will work with my trusted healing allies to deconstruct both curses and thought forms that continue to have power over peoples lives helping you and the lineage of ancestors affected, break free  from the power the curse has had up until this point. When I come across someone who thinks they might have a curse (or not) they may say that they feel they are living a 'half -life'. Just as the curse has at some point in the ancestry of this person, been constructed, it is my role along with my healing allies to deconstruct it. 

How do you know if I have a curse?

Usually after an initial consultation with the client I will consult my stones to ask what is needed. Finally I will take the question to spirit for a diagnostic and this is when I am given the information such as

1. What sort of a curse is it? The intention & Why?

2. What power/ powers are being used?  what is fuelling it?

3. What and who is the target?

How do I know if I have been subject to a curse?

There will often be a series of unfortunate events which may point towards a curse which needs unravelling. The red flags could be:

-Pattern of serious accidents, assaults, weird and dangerous illnesses which cannot seem to be diagnosed 

-Animals may attack or appear to be frightened of someone carrying a curse

- People may react badly to someone carrying a curse for no known reason to the person

- Friends may become irritated by your presence or become aggressive towards you

- Freak accidents

- Perpetual bad luck or a constant stream of negative things happening in your life

If any of this is resonating with you or if you have further questions please do feel free to get in touch for a consultation. 

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