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Divination is the art of correspondence with natural wisdom, that which communicates with divinity, nature and mystery within you. Divination is accessible to all of us when we are open to receive information and trust our intuition as guide.

I have several methods for seeking answers, both are ancient and wise.

One method of vision seeking is through the wisdom of the trees using the language of the ancient 'Ogham'. Another is the '41 stone method', encompassing your ancestral lineage, the root of your issue dealing with worldly issues, spirit or soul level and also career and life journey. 


The Ogham is climbed as a tree is climbed. Just as we remember climbing trees as children, the Ogham opens us up to a language we were once fluent in but may have forgotten. The Ogham is a magical tool which rekindles this lost language and creativity within. It is the inner wisdom connected to the divine and the gentle whispering of nature's essence. 

Niamh uses the Irish cosmology of the ancient ones asking for guidance across the three realms, Coire Goiriath (The Cauldron of Warming), Coire Ermae (The Cauldron of Motion) and Coire Sois (The Cauldron of Wisdom). These three realms link to Earth, Sea & Sky, a universal philosophy found in many indigenous and esoteric belief systems. 

Niamh has created her own 'Art of Ogham' divination journey cards which can be utilised to help you journey into other realms seeking guidance and answers from the spirits beyond and the spirits of nature. She will often times use these sacred art portals with healing alongside using divination-  often working with the Divine Goddess energies of Macha Mong Ruad, Brigid and the Morrigan.

If you are seeking answers to questions get in touch using the buttons at the bottom of this page or use the 'Let's Chat ' function.   

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The ancient ancestors are able to whisper to us from beyond the veil, through our dreams, in the landscapes we wander and yes, through the wisdom of the stones. We are all made in and of the same minerals, we are all matter and we all carry the divine spark of the first moments of creation. 

Niamh uses the stones to help seek clarity around daily life questions pertaining to love, relationships, finances, career and questions about others. On a deeper level the stones are consulted to seek guidance on what healing the client needs. Perhaps there is a curse that needs unravelling or a soul part that needs to be retrieved. Niamh will often work with clients in a series of sessions after the divination has been cast. This may involve making a special blend of 'Rashan' for cleansing negative attachments before continuing with a healing. Other times the stones may see the need for deeper ritual work to appease and honour the ancestors or those who have left us. Niamh will help you to create or even perform a ritual such as 'fire' or elemental in nature. 

Often times this work leads us to unresolved ancestral work. Being a member of the 'Path of the Heart Clan', the work will always be carried out with the greatest respect, sensitivity and compassion. 

If you are seeking answers to questions get in touch using the buttons at the bottom of this page or use the 'Let's Chat ' function.  

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