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Do you ever feel there is something beyond all this? 

Do you seek to 'take flight' into these other realms in a safe & securely held space?

Sacred Shamanic Counselling is an opportunity for you to gain insights into your life by 'Journeying' via the drum to these other realms.

It is a method of teaching you to safely 'Journey' into the 'other worlds' giving you the tools and autonomy to gain wisdom & insights from your own tutelary guides. 

Throughout these 5 sessions, either one-to-one or as a group in one of our 'Learn to Journey' circles, you will not only be taught a lifelong method for seeking healing, guidance and insight from the spirit realms, but you will also gain back your own spiritual & soul powers.

Image of a shamanic drum made of goat with a rattle and a swan feather
Image of a shamanic drum made of goat with a rattle and a swan feather


We will meet once a week over five consecutive weeks for approximately 2 hours per session. I will hold space  introducing you to a new aspect of Journeying each week. By the end of the 5 sessions you will know how to... ​

  • receive healing & guidance for what you need answers to in your life right now

  • bring the practice of shamanic journeying — the oldest spiritual practice in the world — into your every-day life to improve aspects of yourself: emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually

  • connect you with many sources of guidance and inspiration so you can manifest positive outcomes for yourself and others as well as tap into your own intuitive gifts 

  • identify your own emotional and physical healing — understand how a shamanic practitioner views energy, what causes energy to get blocked and how to to seek guidance and support through shamanic journeying

  • harness the power of ceremony realising its potential to create individual & community healing as well as positive change in your life and the lives of those around you

  • sit in community with myself or in a circle of like minded souls

  • improve our health and well-being, and how connection to the other world and nature helps us to be in service to the planet

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