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Niamh (Aka Berkana Raido) is a multi- disciplinary artist, educator and Irish spiritual practitioner based in London. With an ethos of inclusivity and celebration of the soul, Niamh works with those who are seeking deep healing and answers from this world and beyond. Niamh has a gift for seeing between the worlds and helping solve trauma and facilitating your autonomous healing journey.  

Picture shows Niamh peeping out through some green bushes at Navan Fort in Armgh, Northern Ireland. Sacred Site to Macha.
Photograph of Niamh with orange har

Niamh has studied under the Sacred Trust extended five year professional training in cross-cultural contemporary and classical shamanism. She makes ritual art power objects which can be accessed through Etsy and is available for Shamanic Counselling, shamanic & reiki healings, healing with Ogham, divination readings and various other specialisms.


She works within nature, the elements and alongside the ancestors as  'seer-er' of 'other-worlds'. In addition to teaching workshops in the 'Art of Ogham' - an ancient Irish divination practice -  she holds frequent healing circles, sacred shamanic counselling from her home in London and offers a range of other modalities online or in person. Niamh works with spiritual teachers both indigenous and in core Shamanism and her work reflects her diverse background and commitment to helping others on their journey towards healing and empowerment.



A rattle and swan feather sit abreast a goat drum on a lozenge patterned rug


Do you ever feel there is something beyond all this? 

Do you seek to 'take flight' into these other realms in a safe & securely held space?

Sacred Shamanic Counselling is an opportunity for you to gain insights into your life by 'Journeying' via the drum to these other realms.

It is a method of teaching you to safely 'Journey' into the 'other worlds' giving you the tools and autonomy to gain wisdom & insights from your own tutelary guides. 

Candle, drum, crow wing, alter objects


Shamanic healing is for those of us who feel they may have lost some of their power & vitality at any point in their lives.  Shamanic healing can help with physical, mental or emotional pain, connect you with your true self, help you find your purpose, connect you to the earth, the spiritual world and help you walk the true path of life on this beautiful planet.

A rattle made made of birch and showing the fionns window gliph


 'Berkana Raido Rattles' was born in 2019.  'Berkana' is the word for Birch & 'Raido' is the word for goddess and so the 'Birch Goddess' is whom I work with to call in the spirit of these scared vessels.

As an indigenous practitioner from Ireland , I will often invoke the spirit of the ancestors, or 'Sound' & 'Matter' using the Ogham tract or words of my native tongue to add power & meaning to the rattles. I work with my clients in collaboration to create the voice on which they too will venture to the other realms. 



Divination is the art of correspondence with natural wisdom, that which communicates with divinity, nature and mystery within you. Divination is accessible to all of us when we are open to receive information and trust our intuition as guide.

I have several methods for seeking answers, both are ancient and wise.

One method of vision seeking is through the wisdom of the trees using the language of the ancient 'Ogham'. Another is the '41 stone method', encompassing your ancestral lineage, the root of your issue dealing with worldly issues, spirit or soul level and also career and life journey. 





"I consider Shamanic Journeying as an act of faith, illuminating inner wisdom and truths, and potentially altering consciousness. With this in mind it is essential that the phsycological implications of where this can take you are respected. Niamh had strong energetic boundaries, and was well grounded as a guide.  Although I felt ‘held’, she was not needy as a healer, Her focus was entirely on me, not what she could do for me, but what I could do for myself, empowering and then supporting an exploration of what came up in the journeying. I experienced sensitive counselling around trauma and subsequently some deep soul retrieval work. The work continues energetically, from this new and enlightened place. I have the confidence to journey alone now, but still feel supported, and am so grateful that Niamh was offering shamanic practice."

                                                                     -DANCER, LONDON

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